What If My Pregnancy Is High Risk?

Every day in the United States, more than 10,000 babies make their entrance into the world, and a large majority of them do so without any complications, including those who were in a high-risk pregnancy group. Being assessed as “high-risk” when you’re pregnant can certainly be disconcerting, but it’s not necessarily cause for panic. Often, this designation just means we want to keep a closer eye on your pregnancy.

Here at Marion Ob/Gyn Inc., under the direction of David Foulk, MD, our obstetric team has the experience and knowledge to guide most every woman through a pregnancy. And when it comes to high-risk pregnancies, we offer a higher standard of care and all the tools you need to negotiate this exciting time in your life to ensure your baby’s health as well as your own.

If you’ve been placed in the high-risk pregnancy group or your pregnancy is deemed abnormal, here’s what you should know.

What constitutes high risk?

There are dozens of reasons why your pregnancy may be deemed high-risk, many of which are well beyond your control. For example, any woman over the age of 35 is automatically considered high risk because of advanced maternal age. And more and more women are waiting to have children, which means there’s been an increase in high-risk pregnancies due to age.

In such cases, we monitor your pregnancy more closely, and there’s not necessarily much for you to be overly concerned about.

And if you’re having multiple babies, we place you in the high-risk group as a matter of course. The human body does an amazing job accommodating multiple babies, but we want to ensure that everything goes smoothly for all involved.

There are other, more serious, reasons why your pregnancy may be high-risk, including:

This list is by no means comprehensive, but anything that could put your baby or you at risk warrants extra care during your pregnancy.

A higher standard of care

As we mentioned, a high-risk pregnancy generally means that we deliver a higher standard of care that goes beyond the normal prenatal schedule. Depending upon your situation, we tailor a prenatal program that takes your risk factors into account, which allows us to step in quickly to prevent potential problems.

In many cases, this simply means that you visit us more often during your pregnancy. We may also turn to more advanced testing during your pregnancy to ensure that everything is on track. For example, we offer the latest diagnostic tools for high-risk pregnancies, including:

Again, each woman’s pregnancy and risk factors are unique, which means there’s no single playbook for a high-risk pregnancy. After thoroughly reviewing your pregnancy, we design your very own preventive care protocols so that you and your baby have the best chances for success.

To learn more about navigating a high-risk pregnancy, please don’t hesitate to give our Marion, Ohio, office a call.

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