What Can I Do About Crepey Skin?

Aging and exposure can do a number on your skin, robbing it of its youthful tone and vitality. As if wrinkles and sagging skin weren’t enough, your skin can also develop a crepey look, especially in areas where your tissue is already naturally thin and sensitive, such as around your eyes or on your chest.

At Marion Ob/Gyn Inc., our team of expert aestheticians, under the direction of Dr. David Foulk, has the perfect solution for crepey skin — well, two solutions. Called TempSure™ Envi and ProFractional™, these exciting laser therapies are breathing new life into tired skin, helping our patients in Marion, Ohio, dial back the years.

Here’s a look at how we can effectively tackle crepey skin with laser therapy.

Behind crepey skin

When we talk about crepey skin, we’re referring to skin that looks like crepe paper-thin, delicate, and wrinkled. This effect is especially noticeable in more sensitive and thin tissue, such as the skin around your eyes or in your décolletage area (your chest). But crepey skin can develop almost anywhere and is largely attributable to several forces:

Exposure to the sun

When it comes to aging skin, few forces play a larger role than exposure to the sun. The radiation in the sun’s ultraviolet rays breaks down your skin cells, causing them to weaken and prematurely age. This breakdown often first shows up in sensitive, highly exposed skin, leaving it looking more like a crumpled tissue than the stretched canvas of youth.

Loss of support

Another contributor to crepey skin is the natural loss of collagen and elastin, the two proteins responsible for the elasticity and tone in your skin. 

Women begin to gradually lose this support in their 30s, but the effect is particularly noticeable as they pass through menopause. With the drastic reduction in hormones, your tissue no longer has the resources it once had, leaving it to sag and wrinkle as a result.

Strengthening crepey skin

While moisturizing crepey skin can make a difference, adding volume through better hydration, the most effective way to tackle crepey skin is to rebuild it from the inside out, which is exactly what our laser therapies are designed to do.

First up in our arsenal is the TempSure Envi system, which relies on radiofrequency energy to encourage collagen production. This noninvasive treatment delivers the energy into your tissue, which absorbs it as heat. This heat spurs a mild healing response in your dermis, and one of the first responders is collagen.

The treatment itself takes less than an hour, and you will see gradual results over the weeks following your visit as new collagen comes online and lifts and strengthens your skin from below.

Our second weapon against crepey skin is our ProFractional laser system. With the ProFractional, we create a matrix of tiny microchannels across the surface of your skin. Your body responds to these micro-injuries by flooding the area with collagen. 

As your body fills in the microchannels with new collagen, it lifts the entire surface of your skin, creating a smoother, more toned surface area.

If you’d like to wave goodbye to crepey skin through our innovative laser treatments, contact our office to set up an appointment.

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