Incorporating Fillers Into Your Regular Beauty Routine

If you’re not keen on the effects that age is having on highly visible areas like your face and hands (and who is?), there’s an incredibly simple and effective solution in dermal fillers. These cosmetic injectables can address everything from thinning lips to deep lines and wrinkles, restoring more youth to your appearance.

At Marion Ob/Gyn, we handle the health care needs of women in the Marion, Ohio, area, both inside and out. We understand the effects that aging can have on your outside, no matter how youthful you feel on the inside, which is why we created an aesthetic side to our practice. And one of the foundational components to this side of our practice is the use of dermal fillers, which offer amazing results in mere minutes.

Here’s a look at why dermal fillers should be a regular part of your beauty routine.

Results in mere minutes with fillers

One of the primary benefits of fillers, and why our clients love them so much, is that they offer immediate results. Unlike many cosmetic services, you walk out looking years younger as the fillers go to work immediately to restore youthful volume to your face and hands.

The problem with aging is that the effects first make their unwelcome appearance on the most exposed areas of your body — your face and hands. As you age, your skin loses critical support — namely collagen and elastin — which allows your skin to sag and deep lines to develop.

With fillers, we can go in and:

And you don’t have to wait to show off your new look. It takes our expert team mere minutes to administer fillers that can erase years from your appearance.

Results that last

Not only do our dermal fillers provide instant and effective results, but they also last from one to two years. We offer three different product lines:

Each of these FDA-approved products is readily accepted by your body, which integrates the filler to provide volume for 12-24 months. And some of our products stimulate your collagen, providing up to five years of results. Please note that results vary among our clients because some people respond better to the fillers.

And once your results begin to fade, you simply return for a quick-and-easy follow-up round of injections.

No downtime and minimal risk

Another reason our fillers have become an integral part of our clients’ beauty routines is that they’re a minimally invasive solution to aging that carries little risk and no downtime. More invasive procedures require considerable downtime as your body heals, which isn’t the case with fillers.

To dial back the years, we make only a few injections into your skin to garner impressive results. While there is some risk for bruising or swelling at the site of the injections, these uncommon side effects quickly resolve themselves.

If you’d like to get started on making dermal fillers a part of your beauty routine, simply give us a call.

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