How Laser Skin Renewal Can Revive Your Sun-Damaged Skin

When it comes to skin damage, the sun is enemy No. 1, especially the high sun of summertime. As summer draws to a close you may notice that your time spent soaking up the rays has left its mark. 

From age spots to wrinkles, the sun can do a number on your skin, which is where our laser skin renewal services excel.

At Marion Ob/Gyn, David Foulkes, MD, leads a team of reproductive health and aesthetic specialists who ensure that women have the resources necessary to look and feel great. 

As part of this effort, we’ve equipped ourselves with the groundbreaking Sciton® laser, which tackles both external and internal skin concerns.

Here’s a look at how the sun damages your skin and what we can do to revive your skin after a summer spent outdoors.

The sun and your skin

The relationship between the sun and your skin is rocky at best. While the sun is responsible for stimulating important resources like vitamin E, it can also wreak havoc in your tissue thanks to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

One of the primary results of exposure to the sun is a breakdown in your skin cells and collagen fibers, which can lead to fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

The sun can also heat up your tissue, which causes tiny blood vessels in your face to enlarge and be drawn toward the surface, creating facial veins.

Lastly, those pesky age spots are also a result of exposure to the sun. To protect your skin against UV rays, your epidermis features cells that contain the pigment melanin. While melanin was once responsible for that great tan when you were younger, melanin can act erratically as you age, causing it to cluster. 

The end result are dark patches that develop across the surface of your skin, especially in highly exposed areas like your face, chest, and hands.

Renewing the skin you’re in

The reason we chose the Sciton laser is its versatility in treating a wide range of sun-damage issues, including the ones we outlined above.

Our Sciton laser features different wavelengths so we’re able to provide both ablative and nonablative treatments that help rejuvenate your skin.

If you’re concerned with sun spots, for example, we use the ablative technology to break apart the melanin, which effectively gets rid of areas of hyperpigmentation.

If you’re more concerned with photoaging — those lines and wrinkles caused by the breakdown in your skin’s support network thanks to sun exposure — we use a nonablative approach. 

Choosing the right wavelength, we deliver energy into the deeper layers of your skin to stimulate a collagen response, which is the protein responsible for the structural support in your tissue.

If your concerns encompass surface issues, as well as problems that stem from the inner layers, the good news is that we can address both using our Sciton laser. 

And the technology is safe enough for us to use in most of your problem areas, including your face, neck, decolletage, hands, and more.

If you’d like to revive your sun-damaged skin, please contact our office in Marion, Ohio, to set up your skin renewal appointment.

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