EmSculpt®: Next-Level Noninvasive Body Contouring That Tightens and Tones

EmSculpt®: Next-Level Noninvasive Body Contouring That Tightens and Tones

It used to be that the only way to reshape your body was to cut your calories and sweat it out at the gym. This method is effective, but modern technology has provided a much easier path. 

Starting with fat reduction systems like CoolSculpting®, we can reduce deposits of fat around your body using targeted laser energy. Not stopping there, we can also build muscle to tighten and tone your body, and as with SculpSure, all you have to do is lie back and relax.

The procedure we use is called EmSculpt®. At Marion Ob/Gyn in Marion, Ohio, Dr. David Foulk and our team are pleased to offer these body contouring systems to help our patients achieve their body shape goals.

If you’d like to learn more about the next-level body sculpting technology, read on.

The importance of muscle

There are many benefits to building muscle. Your body is tauter, more toned, and muscles can give your body the shape you want. From a perkier hind end to upper arms that don’t sag, muscles go a long way toward defining a healthy body.

While body shape is an important goal, muscles also perform another great service. They burn more calories. 

Unlike fat, muscles are metabolically active tissues, which means your body is continually feeding the tissue energy. When you have more muscle, your body burns calories at a faster rate, even when you’re inactive.

Building muscle with EmSculpt

It may seem too good to be true: You build muscle while you lie on a table, but that’s exactly what we can do with EmSculpt. This innovative system delivers high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy into your muscles, causing the tissue to contract repeatedly. 

You might be able to accomplish some of these contractions on your own when you work out, but the EmSculpt energy blankets all the muscle fibers in the treatment area, including those that don’t voluntarily contract.

EmSculpt is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration to build muscle in several areas, including your:

During your EmSculpt treatments, we place a device over your target areas and let the high-intensity electromagnetic energy do the rest. These treatments are not only noninvasive, but there’s no downtime afterward, which means you’re free to get on with your day. 

Of course, your muscles may feel a little sore afterward, but that’s one side effect you’ll be happy to accept knowing that your muscles got a good workout.

As you progress through your EmSculpt treatments — we typically recommend four 30-minute treatments — you’ll realize gradual results as your muscles build and your body becomes tighter and more toned.

If you want to get on the road to a body that’s defined by muscle, please contact our office in Marion, Ohio, to set up an EmSculpt appointment today.

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