Ditch the Drugstore. Try Our Skin Care Products

Ditch the Drugstore. Try Our Skin Care Products

There’s no shortage of skin care products on the market, as any trip to your local drugstore will confirm. In fact, the number of choices and product claims can often leave you perusing the aisle for far longer than you had intended, and you still may come up empty-handed.

At Marion Ob/Gyn, Dr. David Foulk and our team have done the legwork and research for you. We offer a full line of effective skin care products that will have you looking great from head to toe.


For more than three decades, Obagi has created superior clinical and medical skin care products that address everything from aging to protection. At our practice in Marion, Ohio, we offer Obagi’s medical-grade products, which are incredibly strong and effective in:

From sun protection to specialized eye serums, the Obagi products we offer can breathe new life into aging skin, allowing your skin to glow with great health.


When we say that we offer skin care products that have you covered from head to toe, we really mean it. 

As proof, we offer BabyFoot products, which help your feet become as smooth, soft, and healthy as, well, a baby’s foot. From exfoliation to hydration, BabyFoot products eliminate dead skin through peels and keep your feet well-nourished through foot masks.

Dew Puff® sponges

When it comes to cleaning your skin, you want a product that’s gentle, yet effective. This perfectly describes Dew Puff’s konjac sponge. The 100% plant-based sponge is made from the konjac root, which is known as the elephant yam.

These sponges are gentle, yet strong enough to properly exfoliate, giving you brighter, more vibrant skin.


The products from Oxygenetix boost your skin’s health by allowing your skin to breathe, rather than blocking it with heavy products. 

The power of oxygen in helping your skin to remain in the pink of health is paramount, so Oxygenetix created products that don't just sit on the surface, but, rather, oxygenate the delicate tissues.

As an added bonus, Oxygenetix has created moisturizing products that are tinted so you can use these light-as-air formulas as your foundation.


One of the most important things you can do for your skin is to protect it from the sun. 

We understand that most sunscreen products are messy and not all that great for the environment, which is why we offer MDSolarSciences products. These products are light, reef-safe, vegan, and developed by dermatologists.

So, whether you’re looking for a great anti-aging product or you simply want your skin to look its very best, contact our office in Marion, Ohio, to order your skin care products.

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