Deciding on the Right IUD for You

Deciding on the Right IUD for You

You’ve narrowed down your birth control choice to an intrauterine device (IUD) because it fits your goals and your lifestyle. Now, you’ve got one last decision to make: which IUD.

At Marion Ob/Gyn, Dr. David Foulk and our team want our clients to have access to the tools they need to meet their reproductive goals. To that end, we offer a wide range of birth control options, including several different IUDs.

Here’s a look at our three IUD offerings and what you should know about each so you can make an educated decision moving forward.


If you want a hormonal IUD that lasts for up to three years and is 99% effective at preventing unplanned pregnancy, Skyla is certainly a good option. This IUD slowly releases hormones into your body to regulate your ovulation so you can’t get pregnant.

The Skyla IUD itself is very small — under 1.2 inches — and we place the device in your uterus right here in our offices in just minutes. Once it’s in place, you no longer have to worry about daily pills or regular injections to prevent pregnancy.

Should the time come when you want to get pregnant, we simply remove the device and you begin to ovulate regularly again. In fact, Skyla manufacturers report that three out of four women who want to get pregnant, do so within one year of having the IUD removed.


Liletta boasts the same impressive results as the Skyla IUD — 99% efficacy — but it lasts for twice as long, up to six years. Liletta is a slow-release hormone system that prevents pregnancy. Both women who’ve already had children and those who’ve never been pregnant can use this IUD.

We insert the Liletta IUD here in our office, and we can remove the device at any time.

As a side effect of using hormonal birth control, your periods with Liletta may become shorter, lighter, or stop altogether while you use this IUD. Please note that you may experience some spotting for 3-6 months before your periods regulate to a new normal.


If you’d prefer not to use hormones to prevent an unplanned pregnancy, we offer the Paragard IUD, which is 100% hormone-free and 99% effective. To prevent pregnancy, the Paragard IUD relies on copper, which repels sperm.

We insert Paragard as we do the other IUDs, quickly and easily, and the device can provide you with up to 10 years of protection.

We can also remove the Paragard at any time should you wish to work on building your family.

We hope that these explanations of each of our IUD options give you enough information to make a decision that’s right for you. If you have more questions or you’d like to schedule an appointment at our Marion, Ohio, office to get your IUD, simply click here.

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