Bothered by Loose or Crinkly Skin? Consider TempSure Envi and ProFractional

You stand in front of the mirror and pull your skin up and back to reveal that fresh-faced, younger version of yourself. Sadly, as soon as you release your skin, the reality sets in that there’s no going back — or is there?

As women’s health experts, the team here at Marion Ob/Gyn understands that your overall wellness includes your physical appearance, which is why we offer aesthetic services to our clients. 

After much research, Dr. David Foulk chose several laser technologies that can help reduce the outward signs of aging, like loose, crinkly skin, to help your outside better match your youthful spirit on the inside.

Here’s a look at two of these technologies — TempSure® Envi and Sciton®.

The TempSure difference

If you’re unhappy with loose skin on your face and/or body, our TempSure Envi system may be just the ticket. With this noninvasive technology, we deliver heat deep into your tissue to spur a collagen and elastin response — the two proteins responsible for the structural support in your skin.

The heat passes harmlessly through the surface of your skin and targets the layers below. This energy elicits a mild healing response in your tissue, which is strong enough to create new collagen fibers, but not so strong that scar tissue develops.

The technology is safe enough to use most anywhere on your body, including your:

In tightening the skin in these areas, we can help reduce the sagging and also address tissue that appears crinkly, especially around your neck and chest.

There’s no downtime after your TempSure Envi treatments, and your results come in gradually as new collagen and elastin lift and tighten your skin from below.

Sciton — a fractional approach

If you’re concerned with sagging and wrinkling skin, along with surface concerns, such as age spots, our ProFractional™ Sciton laser technology is the perfect solution. 

With Sciton, we can choose one of two techniques — ablative or nonablative. With the ablative approach, we create tiny microchannels in your skin with light energy to break up surface concerns while also eliciting a collagen response from below.

This approach is called fractional because the microchannels form a matrix that lifts the entire surface of your skin as the collagen fills in the channels.

We can also use our Sciton in a nonablative way, which means we deliver heat energy into your skin to encourage collagen production, much like with our TempSure Envi system.

With the ablative approach, you can expect your skin to be reddened for a week or two and age spots to initially appear darker. After this phase, the damaged skin gradually falls away to reveal fresh new growth underneath.

If you’d like to learn which technology is best for your sagging and crinkly skin, we invite you to contact our office in Marion, Ohio, to set up a consultation.

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