5 Benefits of Cosmetic Fillers

You look in the mirror and realize with dismay that your more youthful appearance is disappearing behind sagging skin and deep lines. While there’s not much we can do about the passage of time, we can hit the reset button on your face through our dermal fillers. 

As part of our wide range of women’s health services at Marion Ob/Gyn Inc., Dr. David Foulk and our team offer an aesthetic side to our practice. With the belief that women should look as great as they feel, we provide some very simple tools that dial back the years, and none are more simple than cosmetic fillers.

Here’s a look at just five of the many benefits of cosmetic fillers.

Immediate results

One of the biggest benefits of dermal fillers is that once we administer the filler, your results are nearly immediate. 

Whether your cheeks have lost volume or you want to tackle the deep parentheses lines around your mouth (nasolabial folds), give us just a few minutes and you can leave with the results you want.

No downtime

Unlike more invasive procedures, such as a facelift or skin resurfacing, there’s no downtime with cosmetic injectables. 

You may feel some soreness or develop minor bruising around the injection sites, but these side effects aren’t common and are usually short-lived. In fact, you can come in on your lunch break and get right back to your day without skipping a beat.

A versatile tool

Cosmetic fillers can tackle a host of problems in your face, including:

Dermal fillers are so effective that we can even use them to restore youthful volume in your hands, effectively getting rid of that craggy look.

Long-lasting results

At our practice, we offer three types of dermal fillers: 

With Restylane and Belotero, we deliver hyaluronic acid into your target areas. These fillers can last from four to 18 months, at which point you simply return for another round of injections.

Sculptra products last longer because they contain poly-L-lactic acid microparticles that encourage your skin to produce new collagen. By tapping your own natural resources, we can deliver results that last up to two years or more.

Of course, results vary, and these are just general rules of thumb when it comes to duration of results.

A subtle, but impactful, result

Unlike more aggressive procedures, cosmetic fillers deliver quietly dramatic results that don’t scream that you’ve “had work done.” After you receive fillers, you’ll look more youthful and vibrant, but in a way that will have people guessing.

If you want to enjoy the many benefits of dermal fillers, simply contact our office in Marion, Ohio, to schedule your dermal filler treatments.

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